1)Pretty much the coolest word ever invented by god
2)Can be used as a noun, adjective, adverb, verb, and pronoun

2)Holy Bacon!!

Stop being such a Bacon!!

Your a Bacon butt!!!


On a scale to 1 to 10..... sweet bacon! (will also except what the bacon)
by BaconBoy12345 June 04, 2009
1.quite possibly the greatest thing ever conceived by mankind and is frequently called the tastiest thing around
it can be eaten (devoured) with everything
and in some cultures is used as a mating ritual
"the only reason i get up the morning and go to sleep at night is bacon"
by JewC May 17, 2008
Life. nuff said. goes perfect with mountain dew, or grape soda.
fk examples. bacon.
by DBigPoppaW June 30, 2011
Used for a very attractive female, To point out a Very attractive female to the people around you without arousing the suspicion of said female.
Other variations include: Macon-Mom bacon, Facon-Chubby bacon (Nothing wrong with a bigger female)
*Female enters bus and sits next to you and friends* "Dude i totally want some bacon right now" *Friends get the hint and take a look* "Yeah bacon sounds good right now"
by LCook6 October 07, 2011
Bacon induced erection. Caused by smelling of cooked bacon or the ingestion of such.
I had the biggest bac-on this morning at the breakfast table.
by Fadermover March 16, 2011
A piece of delicious heaven
GUY- i want some heaven
GUY 2- here ya go(hands bacon)
GUY- thanks
by Baconator542542 April 06, 2010
The most beautiful of all meats. Its perfection is to such a degree that in Dante's "Divine Comedy", the highest level of heaven was described as being made from bacon.

According to numerous ancient texts, bacon is the divine force that prevents Chaos from destroying the universe. The primal gods needed food to supply them with the energy to create everything, and that food was bacon.

Nowadays, bacon can be prepared in numerous ways:
1) Fried
2) Raw (not recommended)
3) Smoked
4) Baked (like fried, but not greasy)
5) Caramelized (sugary bliss)
6) Covered in chocolate
7) Supplemented with lesser foods (as in filet mignon)
8) Milkshakes, ice creams, etc.

Essentially, bacon is the ambrosia of all foods. Without, mankind would descend into darkness and perish. To prevent this, bacon should be consumed once a week AT MINIMUM. Else, dire consequences would ensue.

There is a special place in Hell for those who despise bacon.
A) The true reason that the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in the late 1st century CE was that the Jewish people refused to accept the Romans' gift of divine bacon.

B) "When you can't have sex, have bacon. When you can't have bacon, cry." -Every sane human. Ever.

C) Bacon is to meats as badonkadonk is to female anatomy.
by BarryGoldwater November 06, 2012

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