A vagina in which the outer labia touch each other, completely concealing all other parts...leaving only a straight line. Like one chop from an axe. |
After she shaved off her pubic hair, it was like looking at Barbie's axe-wound.
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
Top Definition
Daddy term for the vagina when talking to his young son.
Son: What's that Daddy (pointing at Mummy getting out of the shower).
Daddy: That's where mummy was hit by an axe, that's her axe wound.
Son: Wow, bloody good shot, got her right in the cunt.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005
a ladys genitalia especaily during that time of the month ( when the painters and decorators are in )
lick out my axe wound
by kathletto April 26, 2004
A term that is rude and somewhat disturbing visually for the word Vagina. The split opening of the vagina represents the words "axe wounde", as this figure is somewhat similar to the figure of a cut made by an axe.
Girl, can i stick my pork sword up your axe wounde
by Dean Wicks June 22, 2006
the vagina
when that girl bent over in that dress i saw her axe wound
by John December 25, 2002
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