Comical word for vagina, in reference to it's appearance.
As Nicole slowly undressed and took off her underwear she clearly displayed her axe wound for all to see.
by Bhx_UK February 19, 2010
A slang term for a vagina
Mate, she had such a tight axe wound!
by anjaca August 24, 2009
a lady's vaginal area.
i savaged her glistening axewound with my broadsword.
by Stephen Porter April 17, 2008
1: A scar obtained after being struck with an axe

2: A buttcrack

3: An exceptionally large pussy
1: Chris pissed off a lumberjack, now he has an axe wound.

2: Chris sat down on the toilet to shit out of his axe wound

3: Chris shoved his dick in Ambers axe wound.
by zombieman132 January 06, 2014
a pussy on its period
Sophia had a big axe wound i could see it on her pants.
by Steve November 08, 2004
This is another word for vagina, much like the word "pussy". Mostly used in the UK
I fingered her axe wound last night bruv.
by Biatch honky October 01, 2009
ugly female genitalia
pussy cunt vagina
Her pussy was so messed up it looked like an axe wound
by The Axe June 19, 2006

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