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The Meaty Vagina is a vagina in which the inner labia is longer than the outer labia creating an inverse looking vagina with the longer inner lips hanging down past the outer labia. Sometimes, the inner labia, often called ripplies can rip or hurt during intercourse or childbirth. This particular type of vagina is not an effect of too much sex as some believe, however. It is most often a natural state from birth and not altogether too uncommon. There are even many fetishes devoted to Meaty Vaginas. Sometimes women have surgury to change this part of their genitalia, even though it is not necessary - only cosmetic.
This can be viewed in many modern porno websites. Although, do be sure that many of your friends will undoubtedly have the illusive meaty vagina.
by EmmaBemmaUW August 09, 2006

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