The feeling one would experience after spending an awesome time with someone special.
Charmaine: How did the first date go?
Mariya: It was great! We had drinks and talked for hours! We even went for sushi afterward.
Charmine: Awesomeness!
by KingNumberWon August 07, 2011
When one person tells the other person something that they don't care about thats supposed to be awesome
1: dude I just got a new X-box360!!!

2: Awesomeness.
by Hadisidon July 27, 2010
When the sun comes out, it means someones awesomeness has come out to brighten the world with her awesomeness.
See, my awesomeness is melting the snow!
I have to get up early to share my awesomeness.
by Vandemort February 03, 2011
The Definition of AWESOMENESS is: Joseph Andrew Shelly Or better known as just Joe Shelly...
Awesomeness is a bad mama jama!
Dang Awesomeness is Sexy!
Awesomeness has many definitions all which are great!
by JoeThaShow June 04, 2011
1. Star Wars in Concert

2. The quality of being totally awesome.

3. Inspiring awe
1, 2 and 3:

Star Wars in Concert just radiates awesomeness!
by Kyuudousha February 05, 2010
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