The amount of cock sticking out of your hands after you grab it with both hands.
"How much awesomness do you have?" -Girl

"I have 1 1/2 inches of awesomeness" -Guy
by 0101100101 December 16, 2013
Hair from the 70's.
Alan has the epitome of awesomeness, have you seen how cool he looks?
by alannmsu January 07, 2011
The state of being incredible, great, super, amazing, cool, neat, excellent and happy at the same time.
They displayed a great amount of awesome-ness after they got the word "awesome-ness" into the dictionary because it was on their list of things to do before they die.
by B n L February 05, 2010
Awesomness is something or someone that is something likable.
Michelle is an example of awesomeness.
by Bertha Hamilton June 23, 2009
The quality of being aswesome
John's awesomeness was evident during his presentation.
by CK17 February 13, 2009
the act of being awesome and fly
wow jackie is 100% awesomeness.
by kkkkjjjjj August 06, 2008
the quality of being awesome
"Girl, you don't understand, he was SO fine, and he is SO mine!"
by ashley February 29, 2004

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