Awesome, but with ness.
"I made those awesome cookies for you honey" "Awesomeness!"
by elliot tippie June 11, 2005
The state of being extremely awesome.

Copyright 2003, Xtap
Xtap is filled with so much awesomeness.
by Xtap October 24, 2003
when something is so great that awesome isn't enough
That is just the awesomeness!
by Alissa A January 29, 2006
-adjective- aw-suhm-nes (ô'səm nìs)Origin: 1590–1600; awe + -some1
(definition: interjection)
1. Something one might shout when something very cool (see ballin') happens or is displayed.
(definition: adjective)
2. When something is awesomeness, it has earned Taylor Baldwin (see god) approval. When something is in the act of being awesome or ballin in the woods (see sylwin).
(definition: noun)
3. Awesomeness in noun form is someone or something very cool who Taylor likes. (see Taylor's friends)
Phrase examples:
"Hey Noah those scratchy pants are awesomeness"
"Wow red bull is awesomeness"
Word examples:
Taylor's Friends
DeVilles (see best car ever)
Non examples:
Spilling powerade
Hair catching on fire
by Taylor Baldwin January 12, 2008
Someone currently awesome, or having many occurences of being awesome
He beat that game 52 times, he's the awesomeness!
by RunawayCactus January 05, 2008
Like 'awesome' except... better!
OMG... that's like, sooo awesomeness...
by MissAlice September 28, 2003
Someone who is amazing.
Aaron is the awesomeness because he would "hold the world on his shoulders if it meant that someone else would be without pain. "
by AngelaHope October 28, 2006
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