The amount of awesome a person/action/event gives off.

The next level up from amazing.
Dude, that party last night was awesomeness!

Guy 1: Man, look at Tom's weak ass...

Guy 2: Dude, he's the definition of unawesomeness.
by david1234567890 March 10, 2008
Ritu and Neesha's awesome handshake
Ritu and Neesha's handshake is just pure Awesomeness
by Ritzz20 October 26, 2011
The much more awesome way to describe things as awesome.
Me: I've got a dollar.
Andy: Awesomeness.
by Chase July 08, 2003 be filled with a deal of greatness
person 1:"hey you want to go to the mall friday?"
by topher.g.freak March 07, 2008
awesomeness-- possessing the quiality of being awesome

I can be a bad judge of awesomeness
by Person of Awesomeness January 06, 2006
a really awesome thing that has happened.
its the end of the weekend, and your at school, and one of your friends asks how your weekend was. you reply with
' it was awesomeness.'
by hanndogg December 26, 2006
A 24/7 live jam with Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Carlos Santana. Such a thing has never been assembled because it's awesomeness would be too much for the unawesome world to bear, and would cause the universe to implode.
When Jared dies, he is looking forward to going to heaven, the only place where awesomeness like this can physically exist.
by Tyler Ash December 02, 2006

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