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When a non douche is in a surrounding area of a bunch of douches.

Coined by Barney Stinson 5/10/10 (How I Met Your Mother)
Barney-- "One word made up, Douche-pocalypse."
by Raiken May 10, 2010
Coined from How I Met Your Mother, Future Ted mentions the time new upstairs neighbors moved in, and proceeded to have loud sex on a regular basis, which he euphemistically describes as "playing the bagpipes" to his children. (November 2, 2009). It also can refer to f**k or f**king.
Ted- "Shut the bagpipes up!"

Robin- "They're still playing the bagpipes!"
by Raiken June 14, 2010
A geek who took his interest & passion and made them mainstream and popular with society.
Es became a geekpin after forming Enter the Anime and League of Hot Geeks.
by Raiken September 08, 2010
Something or someone that is awesome on a cosmic level.
That guy's style is awesomic.
by Raiken April 22, 2010
A man who "sweet talks" or seduce a woman through text messaging.
Esmond is such a textin romeo.
by Raiken April 22, 2010
An inexperienced boy whom a virgin female can bestow the right to be her first.
Mary: Jason is the golden cherry I've been waiting for to fully utilize my womanhood with.
by Raiken April 30, 2010
An underground clothing line for geeks (such as comic and anime fans) that was originated in Maryland.
That cool ass Batman shirt Chris is wearing was made by Swagger Geeks.
by Raiken April 25, 2010

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