The quality of being aswesome
John's awesomeness was evident during his presentation.
by CK17 February 13, 2009
the quality of being awesome
"Girl, you don't understand, he was SO fine, and he is SO mine!"
by ashley February 29, 2004
1. The art of being so awesome.
2. Something that increases the awesomeness of a person simply by owning.

3. Also see MidAM Lifts
you: "I just ordered a MidAM Lift"
bystander: "Your awesomeness just increased 234.67%!"
by Lift-er-uper June 25, 2012
So awesome that Dinosaurs explode and little kids shit themselves.

Awesome with extra apple and cinnamon.
Tahryn, hardcore grinding and thrusting extraordinaire of Awesomeness.
by The muffin to your deck. September 19, 2010
a state of being when one has achieved success or greatness in a particular field or action in the area of athletics, intellectualism, or other.
I reek of awesomeness
by Jagger23 June 20, 2010
A level of awesome that is well above the regular level of awesome
Bri Brinkman is full awesomeness
by jaysherman7 March 04, 2010
defines an action that is great
"were going to disney" "awesomeness"
by world dominator January 19, 2009

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