Someone who was concieved as a result of "back to front" wiping after anal sex
I'm your dad Asswipe.
by BigRob78 December 30, 2007
1. An idiot or seemingly stupid individual. or someone who is just being an asshole.
2. Lawbringer, a Paladin on the Daggerspine US server.
"He is so godamed stupid...... freakin asswipe, he once put a beastslaying enchant on a healing mace."

("freakin" is always prior to "asswipe")
by Archemedez November 02, 2007
a person you really hate

an object you use to wipe your butt
joel is an asswipe

i need an asswipe
by john shoemaker November 25, 2003
Another word for toilet paper, pronounced As-weep-eh.
John (talking on the phone): Hang on a second there, bill, I have to use a asswipe.
by Shabangshwa95<3 February 13, 2009
Someone or thing that likes to (or is used) to wipe one's bum.
Wow that napkin makes a great ass wipe. Damn, I always new Donald Trump's butler was an asswipe, but I didn't realize it was part of his job till I saw him cleaning his butt in the john.
by wank December 22, 2004
See Michael Moore. A complete waste of human flesh.
Who taught that asswipe to make a documentary. And why is there no truth to it?
by Odorus Glutenaie May 06, 2005
An intended mispronunciation of the word to keep the real asswipe off guard...
Hey OZ-WEE-PAY, get a life!!!
by Bomni February 08, 2005
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