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Toilet paper.
"Dude, we're almost out...get some more ass wipe at the store!"
by x January 22, 2003
1. something that you wipe your ass with. afterwards it is thrown in the trash because it is that bad. usually referring to a person who is being stupid or mean.
You're an asswipe for making her cry.
by Spanish Exchange 2006 February 24, 2006
Asswipes! the new toliet paper! 200% more absorbent then any other toliet paper!
i wish the toliet paper "asswipes" were real :D
by Kyle Biddle August 02, 2004
Somebody that you look at like a peice of shit and you'd rather be wipin ur ass with them then to be lookin at them or even go anywhere near them so u call them an asswipe so they know that your ass respects them more then you ever would.
Barney is a fuckin asswipe that all the little shitheads want to use to wipe their dirty asses..
by Fuckhead April 24, 2003
toilet paper
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
a person you'd just as soon be rid of
"Nami, you're a friggin asswipe."
by kitznegari November 09, 2002
A person that wipes his ass.
example, jeffcongo he is an asswipe.
by jeffcongo October 29, 2004