Someone or something, That throughout the course of their life, Has done nothing good, Is Incredibly retarded, And is just all around awful. They tend to conform with Swag/Yolo type words, and act and dress like imbusels in public.
Wow. Did you see jordan last night? he was being a total Ass Monkey.
by The Creepy Guy Watching You June 26, 2014
A common expression of surprise. Also an adjective to describe how a day went, or what a person looks like. It can also be a monkey found sitting upon an ass.
"How was your day"




When at the zoo, "Mommy, mommy! Come look at this assmonkey!"
by AndTheOxenRanFree February 02, 2011
/ass•mon•key/ -noun. cebus anus ~ 1. a distinct group of male primates with the intelligence level of a donkey. 2. a very harsh derogatory term used to describe a feminine male that exhibts homoerotic tendencies.
1. "Hey assmonkey, you don't bake potatoes in the microwave with aluminum foil." 2. "Assmonkey, you take alot of dick in your ass! Bye, you fag."
by reno419rockstar April 29, 2010
an idiot, retard, someone who thinks they are an expert in a certain subject that they know nothing about
AJ said he could fix my car, but he just made it worse. what an assmonkey.
by Tardo September 28, 2003
1. the species of primate that swing from the canopy of your asshairs and eat dingleberries.

2.A fag.

3. A dumbass.
1. rob:Yo tom, can you have crabs in your asshairs? cuz my ass itches.
tom: maybe you have a troop of assmonkeys down there.
rob: ?
by luis.... August 18, 2008
A person who is hyper, by nature, much like a monkey and usually enjoys making an ass out of themselves for the enjoyment of others.
That girl was so drunk at the party, she acted like an assmonkey when she danced on the table with her shirt tied around her head.
by Lesberita June 24, 2008
in my opinion an ass-monkey has not one but two definitions;
1.someone that follows someone else around and won't leave them alone.
2.a type of flea that hangs around in your arse hair.
" i have to go and feed the ass-monkeys that live in my arse with the dried shit that is incrusted in my arse pubes.""
by lee! November 23, 2003

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