1. A homosexual man.

2. An asshole with the intelligence of a monkey.

3. A homosexual man with the intelligence of a monkey being an asshole.

4. A total fucking idiot (see fucktard)

5. Actual monkey in someone's ass.
"What a barrel of fucking assmonkeys."
by Joe Daddy October 04, 2002
Someone or something that, on purpose or by accident, regularly screws up situations that take a lot of time, patience and effort to get to, including finishing an artistic masterpiece or concluding successful business negotiations.
Assmonkey! You knocked over my domino chain! That thing took three fucking hours to set up!
by averhan June 27, 2009
A ridiculously stupid person. A complete imbecile.
Why do you have to be such an Ass-Monkey?
by SchwarzerWind September 01, 2003
n. an individual who, when in an argument, just makes up statistics and quotes from authorities on the subject so they look correct
v. to make up statistics or quotes to appear more correct
n. Dan is such an ass monkey; there's no way that CNN had an exit poll that said that 87% of Americans want socialism.
v. I totally ass monkeyed through that test. There's no way Mrs. Clark will know that Teddy Roosevelt actually never said anything about anarchy's role in society.
by Monday's Dusk February 22, 2009
A person (usually a man) who i such an asshole that people leave the room when he enters and announces his presence.
At Jake's wedding, Dan was such an ass monkey that entire sections of the bride's family left the reception early.
by Andrew Rentschler June 09, 2004
A "kiss ass", "brown noser". A person who is trying to impress someone by following them around...closely.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Someone justified as an idiot.Literal terms would be the ass of a monkey.
Gosh, Jonathan! You're such an assmonkey!
by Samantha Sanchez aka Sammy September 18, 2008

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