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A suit that jesus will wear when he comes on judgement day to repay the jews for what they did to him, its easily cleanable and flame resistant, and all white
I'm about to break out my jesus suit on that fuckin kid
by Squints April 18, 2005
A word commonly used of people like eminem, or any fellow good clean american rapper who doesnt share the african skin color as the other hoodlums. People who are good on the mike, as well as skin as da white.
I told you hunny, that MC Nigs is going places!
by Squints April 18, 2005
One who is more of a physical person rather than one of any intellect.

In simple terms, a stupid yet physical worker.
Man, that guy can sure lift those boxes. Too bad he's an ass monkey when it comes to computers.
by Squints August 09, 2004

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