sweet loving girl who listens to all your problems. often falls deep in love with unusual men/women
"HEY dont tel me ur probs... go tel anu!"

"u like THAT guy?? wow ur such an anu"
by 131643456 July 19, 2009
bung hole, butt hole and booty hole, where poodie comes out and sometimes a few things go in!
Doctor: why are you here

Patient: because my anus itches and has grapes inside

Doctor: those are not grapes they are hemroids
by BigBalzena June 05, 2010
The anus, or 'mahogany knot' is a part of the body controlled by a sphincter muscle. It has three primary functions.
The same rules apply for animals. Including #2 in some parts of the world.

1) To expel waste matter (feces, dogs eggs) from the body.
2) To provide an alternative orifice on a lady/animal for penis insertion. Or as the main orifice for men.
3) To be used as an insult
"John, you is anus."
by Vase April 20, 2007
!. A hole where doo doo exits the body.

2. A home for the adventurous penis.

3. My favorite body part!
1. Hey man, nice anus you got there!

2. Yo mama's anus is so big you could fit a mellon up it!

3. Gee mom, I wish my anus was as big as yours!
by biganusman October 25, 2009
An affectionate way to call someone an idiot/loser.
Jenna and Joe were best friends. Joe slipped on a grape. "You're an anus," Jenna said.
by Mexican Skier October 09, 2005
From whence a turd is born.
You have an unusually small anus.
by mialieke July 17, 2010
The ring shaped area, located between the two buttock cheeks at the lower rear end of the torso.
Can be used in abusive content to describe someone as an anoying individual to try to undermine and make them severely insecure.

Ring, bum hole, homo-entry hole
1. I have a slightly ruptured anus

2. George, you are a total Anus head

3. My anus seems to be leeking gravy

by Nigel Peterson November 07, 2007

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