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A term that came about in the 60s.
It means "excellent", "tubular", "awesome", or "cool".
Guy 1: Dude, I just bought The Beatles' White Album on CD!
Guy 2: Groovy man!
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
Literal: Groovy is where the far out goes, man!

Colloquial: It's like, you know, so far out that it's in, and so like, in, you know, that it's far out, you dig? Like, it's so hot that it's cool, and it's so cool that it's hot! It like, makes you like to say like. I mean, it'll blow your mind, man!
Hey, did you ever like, blow your mind, man? Try it, you'll like it! No way, man, you don't gotta get stoned to blow you mind. Just look at your hand, will you? No, I mean like really look at it. Like, you know it's been on your arm since forever, but you never really look at it. Check it out! It's so far out that it's like, groovy man!
by Downstrike October 15, 2004
very cool(a 60s and 70s catchphrase)
Man, that's some groovy music.
by Light Joker February 10, 2005
First of all i would like to point out that anyone who says that groovy is old and uncool is completely wrong they are the people who stopped using the word groovy because they were not groovy themselves and still arent!!. Groovy is a wrongly unused and seemingly uncool word which is infact the best word in the history of the whole world ever!! the word groovy describes something cool, great, amazing and basically anything good... it needs a revival people!!dont listen to those assholes who tell you what to say!! use the word groovy!!get groovy!!
guy 1 (the groovy one):hey dude this tshirt is groovy dont you think??

guy 2 (the un groovy one):What are you talking about dude?? groovy?? thats just a wierd word your so uncool... FREAK!

guy 1 (the groovy one):no your the one who is not GROOVY you think groovy is an uncool word?? thats because your not groovy your a foooooooooooooool!!
by GROOVY TOM January 06, 2006
Delightful, awesome.

The term originated in the 1920s among early jazz musicians as their music was recorded in grooves on a record. It became most popular in the 1950s, and fell from favor by the mid 1960s.
Bird lay down some groovy riffs, man.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
to be in the be cool
man!!that chick is really groovy
by mark October 04, 2003
A word trying to be brought back by a Scottish youtuber Liam Dryden, more popularly known as littleradge.

The word itself means "cool" "awesome" "great" etc.. It was used most during the hippie movement in the 1960s and early 70s.
Friend 1: Did you see that new episode of Doctor Who?

Friend 2: Yeah, it was pretty groovy.

as a negative

Friend 1: Did you read Twilight?

Friend 2: Yeah, it was not groovy. Not groovy at all.
by nerdfighter767 August 02, 2011
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