the posterior end of the digestive track.
WOW she has such a big anus!!! i think i will invent a new type of pressure spot with her!!
by ANTISKANKZ May 08, 2007
Anus can be exchanged for hip, cool, groovy, rockin, super, great, superb, funky, hot, gold, perfect, awesome.

It means good things.
Turbo, "yo Hammer, that car is sweet"
Hammer "Yeah Turbo, its totally anus!"
by Holden Morrisey Caulfield May 18, 2006
A. An imaginitive and quite hilarious word to denote negativity, in anything.
B. Can also be used as offensive term.
A. I have to wash up, how anus is that?/Her new purse is totally anus/That is the most anus hairstyle ever...

B. Shutup you actual anus.
by 118robotrobot November 03, 2007
Can be referred to as:
Your ass
Your buttox
Your glutious maximus
Your ass
Your butt
Your stank producer
Your lower parts (other one buddy)
or, your ass.

Richard: "That bitch was taking it hard up the anus."

Dick: "Ha ha! You said anus!!!"
by Richard Inanus October 24, 2008
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