that special little hole
my anus is a special little hole
by Spongey bob October 02, 2006
something to bleed from
my anus!is bleeding!
(search it on google videos)
by skimfox July 21, 2007
THE HOLE IN UR ASS that shit comes out of
I GOT FUCKED IN THE ANUS after i cummed in my mouth
by Homer Simpson June 17, 2006
Can be referred to as:
Your ass
Your buttox
Your glutious maximus
Your ass
Your butt
Your stank producer
Your lower parts (other one buddy)
or, your ass.

Richard: "That bitch was taking it hard up the anus."

Dick: "Ha ha! You said anus!!!"
by Richard Inanus October 24, 2008
A term used to describe something awesome.
Wow I just won the world lotto, that is totally anus!
by anally yours December 02, 2007
An Indian girl with big boobs who likes smoking pot and going on vacation. Hates kids. Usually allergic to cats.
She'd rather spend money on concerts and trips to the Bahamas, no way she'll ever kids. She's such an Anu.
by MonkeyGoo June 13, 2013
a GIGANTIC hole in a hill.
That “anus” is huge!
by bread infection December 10, 2009

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