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The ring shaped area, located between the two buttock cheeks at the lower rear end of the torso.
Can be used in abusive content to describe someone as an anoying individual to try to undermine and make them severely insecure.

Ring, bum hole, homo-entry hole
1. I have a slightly ruptured anus

2. George, you are a total Anus head

3. My anus seems to be leeking gravy

by Nigel Peterson November 07, 2007
- n. | Referring to the an organ of a person, in which means of waste is removed.

- n. | Any person that is considered a waste of breath, food, or love from society.
Wow, Mr. Smith... I had no clue how much of an <ANUS> you were.

SEE: douche
by Sori Boi - The Definer March 27, 2009
The location of the scientifically, worldly renowned black-hole. Scientist describe it as being a region of space-time from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. Theoretically, it can only be truly proven if one such brave scientist dare enter this nasty, devout of any such life organ, and become ultimately sucked into, and lost forever and become some other worldly turd life-form. And, unfortunately, in any such case, no records would have possibly been obtained through their putrefying dooms. So, if your penis, or one such protruding object of dare venture this encumbering vessel of unmatched stank, just remember, the pleasure you are probably encountering is most likely from an Alien race of the Anal variety.
My penis entered a black-hole(A.K.A Anus). It was quite nice.
by fatherpoobum November 19, 2013
ass hole
we all have anuses (hope fully) and they all stink
by dr. prostate exam April 21, 2010
Wrinkle Star

An opening in male or female's body which objects such as Cock's or finger's may be placed to keep warm or for pleasure.
Dude 1- " Man would I like to fuck that bitches wrinkle star/ anus."
Dude 2- " And how."
by Frank the Fucker February 04, 2010
a nicer way of calling someone an ass
Damn it Megan! Your such an anus.

Mom!! Stop yelling at me, your such an anus!
by Meggriffin345678 September 26, 2011
Entrance hole for gays.
A guy's closest thing to a vagina. A place that can only be explored using long thin objects. see buttplug and dildo.
gay: hey dude, wanna come over and explore my anus tonight?
straight dude: ew no thanks I'm banging with my bird tonight.

Brett put his dick in Kent's anus, much to his annoyance.
by KuriousKitteh June 27, 2011