To go after something with intensity, anger or unbridled enthusiasm, often implies ownership or power.
After the game, the coach was all over the first baseman for dropping the ball.

I was all over that cake last night!
by skittlesyum July 25, 2003
In change of the situation.
"Make sure there's posters to tell people about the sale."

"I'm all over it."
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
being in charge of the situation
fo shizzle nizzle.i can hizzle the situizlle so be rizzle
by CHICO July 30, 2003
To be agreeable about or towards something
-You wanna go see a movie on Friday?
-I'm all over it.
by Lindsay July 18, 2003
when you've have been 'making love to a pretty woman' (fucken a bitch) for more than 50 minutes.
Man-Dude, i was banging her till dawn
Friend-Nah, no way
Man-Lemme tell you, i was 'all over it' last night
Friend-hope you used a condomd
by Adam McD July 18, 2003
Having complete control of a complicated situation.
"Chill Dude...I'm all over it"
by bitchpapa July 17, 2003
To have completely under control; to assume responsibility or ownership for
Don't worry about that TPS report, Bob is all over it.
by Kerouac July 16, 2003
On topic; doing it; in process. Used to describe a task being done.
"Rusty, get that thing before it gets away!"

"Don't worry, I'm all over it, boss."
by Machine July 15, 2003
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