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Stands for an anime series known as Sword Art Online which was originally a Light novel written by Reki Kawahara.
Person a: Have you seen SAO?
Person b: yeah, it was awesome.

Person a: Have you seen SAO?
Person b: yeah, it was a piece of shit.
by Ryushu May 19, 2013
SAOS (sah-ohs) (pronounced the way its spelled) An acronym representing the saying "Some All Out Shit". This generally means the idea of someone/something going "all out" to their fullest ability to create something crazy, amazing, or intense.
Jacob: we should totally throw a party at Duncan's mansion in Palm Springs!!
Kenny: fuck yeah, its got a pool & a massive backyard, all we need is some bottles, weed, drugs, lions, & fireworks.
Jacob: SAOS!
by JetsonsFTW January 11, 2012
aka STANK-ASS-ODOR..a person or random smell that is unbearable and if smelt can cause fainting or comas
wtf is that S.A.O. i've been smellin it for weeks!!
by christophorus September 06, 2010
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