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Under control, already done or in the process of being completed.

To have a feeling of excitement or agreement about someone/thing.
1. Boss: I need that report by tomorrow.
Drone: I'm all over it.

2. Guy1: Hey, bro, wanna go out Friday after work and have a few beers?
Guy2: Dude I am all over THAT!
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
0 1
Why not?
by Your father July 12, 2003
2 3
purposing to pursue a task with unbridled enthusiasm and confidence
"Dude, I'm all over it."
by kenneth M. July 12, 2003
1 2
Status of an individual attempting to complete a task or preparing to accomplish some goal.
You want that guy to stop stalking you? I'm all over it.
by Tim July 30, 2003
0 2
Meaning, I'll take care of it and finish the task at hand thoroughly.
No problem dude, I'm all over it.
by Brent July 17, 2003
0 2
A variation of the phrase "on it", e.g., ...on it like a fly on shit, ...on it like white on rice.
The last time I made a math error the IRS was all over it like a duck on a junebug.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
0 2
The act of being done with or finished with an act/object.
My breakup? I am all over it!
by Alicia August 02, 2003
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