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Monthly holiday;

The celebration that occurs the first Wednesday of every month in which girls and women of all ages celebrate femininity and not wearing pants by wearing a dress, usually a cute sundress of sorts. This holiday originated in Tampa, and still mostly only exists there, but its originators hope for it to spread to the world, so play along, it's fun (:
Girl to Friend:"Hey, what's with everyone wearing dresses today?"
Friend:"Duhhh, it's Dress Day! How did you not get the memo?"


Lonely Girl:"I lost all of my friends because I was too much of a loser to participate in Dress Day even though dresses are extremely comfortable and adorable! Sad all over."
#dress #cute #fun #holiday #celebration #loser #no pants
by UDallday May 06, 2009
An expression used when something disappointing happens to convey one's sadness/general discontent with the situation by portraying their entire body as being sad. The equivalent of expressions like FML and oh no! Can be abbreviated SAO, but it's really more fun to say out.
Person:"I've been excited all week to go to the beach tomorrow and now we're not going because it's going to rain! Sad all over ):"


Person to Friend:"I lost my cell phone, FML!"
Friend:"Nobody says that anymore, try 'sad all over.'"
#sad #fml #upset #body #new
by UDallday May 13, 2009

Very much like the Rio Grande is on the border of Texas and Mexico, a man who is described as being Rio Grande is on the border of being gay. Used for metrosexual or just questionable guys, usually ones into musicals or that are very stylish.
Girl to friend:"(Insert guy's name) is totally hot and we get along great but he's kind of Rio Grande, I'm not sure if he wants to take me home or that guy over there."


Guy to Friend:"I made a killing at the J.Crew summer sale and then watched 'Rent' for like like billionth time yesterday, it was awesome."
Friend:"Dude, you are so Rio Grande."
#metro #metrosexual #texas #mexico #gay
by UDallday April 25, 2009
(n) When someone is so ashamed of somthing they did (usually the night before) that their guilt feels like physical dirtiness, leading them to take a long, thorough shower. Generally follows a walk of shame or one night stand.
Girl:I had to take 45min guilt shower after hooking up with that guy from the bar ):


Text to friend:Cheated on my gf last night but my water is broken, can I come over for a guilt shower?
#gf #one night stand #guilt #walk of shame #hooking up #shower
by UDallday August 22, 2009
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