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5 definitions by mkablam

Something that cool guys don't look at.
Cool guys don't look at explosions, they blow things up, and walk away.
by mkablam June 07, 2009
Similar to "brb" and other such acronyms, itnf stands for "in the near future"
It is a more formal way of saying, "soon".

except it's an acronym, so it's not actually that formal.
My room mate is asleep, but I believe she will wake up itnf.
by mkablam September 21, 2009
Similar to "Alright"; a term used to agree.
Friend 1: Would you like some ice cream?
Friend 2: Owlright, sounds great!
by mkablam January 07, 2010
guys who you initially believe to be straight, but he turns out to be gay.
Every other guy Ashlee tried to date turned out to be a fail as a male.
by mkablam May 11, 2009
To get very (nerdily) excited about a product, event, or person.
When I saw the trailer for that video game, I proceeded to nerd all over it.
by mkablam July 24, 2011