got it covered
Don't worry bout that bitch, I'm all over it.
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
A phrase describing a person appearing to smother the furry creature from The Adam's Family
"Christ, he's all over It."
by b11 July 24, 2003
The person desires said thing/person. They plan to obtain/do it soon because it is good.
When Sally saw the gold crutch, she knew Little Timmy would be all over it.
by becky July 23, 2003
Got it covered, easily done, completed it well
You see that piece of pie right there? I'm all over it.
by Ryno July 18, 2003
An indication that the speaker has the energy, commitment and spirit to take care of the issue in hand.
Related sayings:
I have got it covered; I am on it; I am fired up about this thing; I know what to do about this; I can handle this etc...
by Stevetrd July 18, 2003
To be a willing participant. To say yes.
CAn you get me a sandwich? I am all over it.
by George Monroy July 18, 2003
To be in total control.
Hey man, don't bother me with that job. I'm all over it!
by CiVeRaD July 16, 2003
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