Best sport ever. All those people that say that it doesnt have skill are morons. How much skill does it take to run in a straight line at a bunch of opposition players. Compare that with weaving throught 5 or 6 players at full pace, then unleashing a perfect drop punt that hits your mate 50 metres away bang on the chest. How can leaping 6 foot onto someones back while trying to grap a moving ball is not easy. And what the fuck is the scrum in rugby league. If you still think that AFL is shitter than rugby league, look at the attendances. AFL football has 3 times attendance compared to NRL. Has no class barrier, in the amateur days, doctors played alongside plumbers, and nothing has changed. Open to any shape and size, whereas sports such as basketball and rugby only look for one shape and size
Type in Ablett in Youtube, you will realise that AFL is the greatest sport on earth.
by Richoman16 November 07, 2008
A sport played in Australia with derivations from soccer and rugby. The aim of the game is to score more points than the other team by kicking an oddly shaped red or yellow ball between the goal posts or the point posts. It is played mainly in the southern Australian cities (Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) but has lots of talent scouted from the Northern Territory.

The game is a fast paced and exciting contact sport. Players are often sprint fit and very agile. Tight fitted uniforms are worn to prevent tackling from opposition players. The game involved more strategic skill than purely brawn based sports such as Rugby. There is a large AFL betting culture. The game is watched by people of all socio-economic backgrounds and is more watched and followed than sports such as soccer, basketball, and rugby in the southern cities.
AFL is also loved by many bogans, but that's half the fun.
by Lewis-T February 05, 2013
The national league of Australian Rules football.
Best sport in the entire world. Played in Australia, its real sport for real sport fans.
Never been to a game? You suck man.
Footy is awesome, check it out sometime.

There are 16 teams coming from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.
They are;
Adelaide Crows and Port Power (South Australia)
Carlton Blues, Collingwood Magpies, Essendon Bombers, Hawthorn Hawks, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Melbourne Demons, Richmond Tigers, Western Bulldogs (Victoria)
West Coast Eagles and Fremantle Dockers (Western Australia)
Syndney Swans (New South Wales)
Brisbane Lions (Queensland)

Crows are the best of all the teams. :)
"I love AFL"
"Carn the Crows!"
"Rugby is gay"
by maddiemaddiemaddieyee May 19, 2008
AFL is the most amazing game of football. it stands for the Australian FOOTBALL League. It requires the most skill and the guys who play it aren't pussies like the ones who play soccer. they will take a massive hit and get right back up and keep playing. whereas in soccer they will fall/trip over without anyone being near them, they will stay on the ground whining until they get a reward.

It is a true Aussie sport. if you hate it, get out of the country, simple.
Mate 1: "What'd you do on the weekend?"
Mate 2: "Went to the football."
Mate 1: "Oh, how'd the boys go?"
Mate 2: "Yeah Man Utd were going-"
Mate 1: "Football is AFL! GET OUT!"
by YEAHWHUT April 02, 2011
A sport that is played in Australia.

There are 36 players on the field, 18 per side.
There are two ways to score points, either kick it through the posts in middle, and gain six points, but if you miss and only get it through the posts at the side, you only get one point, and the other team gets a free kick.

Australian Rules Football has been played in Australia since 1858, and the Australian Football League first begun in 1897.
It is currently played in Western Australian (West Coast Eagles, Fremantle Dockers), South Australia (Adelaide Crows, Port Power), Victoria (Geelong Cats, Essendon Bombers, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Carlton Blues, Melbourne Demons, Collingwood Magpies, Richmond Tigers, Hawthorn Hawks, St Kilda Saints), New South Wales (Sydney Swans) and Queensland (Brisband Lions).
"Did you see the AFL last night?"
"Who was playing?"
"Crows played the Power, great game."
by delamere31 July 18, 2009
Away From Life: Afl

Being absent from your surroundings or in a dreamy phase.
Guy: "I was talking to her on the net and she just wasn't responding! She was so AFL".

Other Guy: "Well that sucks, man".
by Teh Own3r July 20, 2009

Asphyxiation from Laughter.

Asphyxia or asphyxiation (from Greek α- ”without” and σφύξις sphyxis, “heartbeat”) is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally.
by solarpoweredpiano March 30, 2011
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