One of the major cash cows of Australian society. The AFL is a sport famous for misogyny and homo-erotica. Widely ridiculed for its dorky four pole goal and egg shaped ball. Adverts for the AFL on TV are highly sensationalized to inspire excitement among the population. The actual game is however slow and predictable.
the umpire blew his whistle again and stopped the game for the tenth time in the last ten minutes.
Thats the AFL for ya.
by ILOVEAFL September 05, 2012
A sport designed for Aussies that are generally too intelligent to play Thugby (Warwick Capper being an exception). Often called footy in the southern states, the retarded Thugby lovers (who coincidentally call Thugby 'footy') think of it as homosexual and..... well that's one of the very few words they know, so not too much else. AFL can actually pass for a football code due to the fact the ball is actually kicked regularly, unlike Thugby.
AFL>thugby. End of story you stupid Queenslanders.
by someonereasonable December 24, 2009
AFl aka GayFl aka Aerial Ping Pong aka Cross Country Basketball aka Catch n clap, is the only sport in the world which rewards failure. The idea is to kick the ball between 2 posts and gain 7 points. If your shit and you miss, you get one point for trying and failing.

GayFl is mostly played in the unintelligent states of Australia such as Tasmania (Inbreds), Victoria (Queers), South Australia (Serial Killers) and Western Australia (Abos) where the average IQ is below 30.

AFL is the only code of football (if you can call it football) that plays on a round feild. All in all there are 36 players and a total of 73 balls on the feild at any given time.

If you are into a softcock version of football combined with basketball and pingpong than AFL is for you.
Guy 1, Did you watch the AFL grandfinal?
Guy 2, Are you kidding, if you watched that im going to have to shoot you.
Guy 1, I um .... didnt watch it???
Guy 2, Fucking BANG!!! You LIAR!!!
by NRL Rocks October 02, 2009
Stands for Away from Life. Coined by many pot smokers when high.
-Yo how you feelin?
-Im super high man.
-Yea bro Im AFL
by wideawaketk September 19, 2011
Australian Football League. A game that needs more talent than rugby bumsniffing. Played all over Australia though especially in the southern states. You need to be very fit to play afl. One of the parts of Gaelic.
Example 1

Person 1- woah there's an AFL team, I better not piss em off, they'll bash me

Example 2

Person 1- I'm gonna play in the local AFL team

Person 2- you can't do that you're totally unfit!
by Mizzleberries March 30, 2014
Stands for: Australian Football League.

Invented in the late 1800’s and is currently the most popular ball sport in the country.

AFL is predominantly played in Victoria, Tasmania, NT, Western and South Australia while the other two states lick the under-side of their grandad’s ball sacks watching evolution pass them by.

New South Welshman and Queenslanders have a hard time understanding the sport due to their massive inbred gene pool and large brain injuries from playing a sport they are so fond of called ‘Rugby’ (from what I gather, you grab the ball and run as hard as you can at other men instead of around them? Cheers. You are all meatheads).
Person 1: Hey mate, I am going to watch the footy
Person 2: Ith it Pawammatta versz’s the Manwy Sea------- *gets bitch slapped*
Person 3: Not RUGBY you mongoloid Queenslander he means AFL!
Person 1: Nice. He deserved that… now lets leave before he wakes and tries to eat us
by Cen Bousins March 12, 2009
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