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To hold something responsible in a positive or negative manner.
All the people with diarrhea chalked it up to eating at Taco Bell.
by Rob September 18, 2003
To converse with a person ( whether in person or in writing). Generally used when writing someone; commonly used phrase to describe comment interactions on
Yo' let's chalk it up around 6:00 pm tomorrow.

Hey I was on this site Chalking it up with this Dude and he was wildin' out on me.
by bknott February 27, 2015
When The Night Is Young, and the hoes are not to be found and your surrounded by the same sex. You Say Fuck It And Go Home
Shit what you doin? Nothin' wastin gas, shit let
s chalk it up....
by macaveli January 13, 2008
To Chalk it up, is to make a bong so thick with smoke, you can hardly see through it
Stoner 1: Lets go hit the bong
Stoner 2: Yeah, lets chalk it up

"Damn, that bong is CHALKED!"

"chalk that bad bitch up.."
by hobbin May 12, 2009
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