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A sport for pussies, and fags. and for people who cry when they get a bump
John: I play AFL

Bob: are you a homosexual

John: yes.
by Jayyden June 09, 2009
End of financial year sale.
Happy EOFYS Everybody.
by Jayyden June 09, 2009
the act of eating a patato, covered in batter and flatterned out.
Yesterday I ate a patato scollop
by Jayyden June 09, 2009
The people in nation rugby league who make the choices whether its a try or no try, Video referees are infact usless, and pathetic, and can usually never make a correct call, some stupid vid reff's are: Steven Clark, Sean Hampstead, and bill harrigan.

Video referees can win or lose a game for a team, and are in most cases, Cheaters.
The video referee said no try, even thow the chaser was onside by 10 metres.
by Jayyden June 09, 2009
The greatest rugby league team in the nrl. and speaking of nrl its better then the gay sport known as AFL.

but getting back on the subject of cowboys, thye are the greatest team and will become the 2009 premiers.
The north queensland cowboys are the best
by Jayyden June 09, 2009

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