Geek's suicide

Away from Keyboard for non geek
Guy 1: Joe is AFK
Guy 2: Let him rest in peace
by Tasukii November 25, 2005
Away From KeyboardS
we have a few afks! Its so annoying!
by dotcow August 19, 2011
AFk - Away from Keyboard
The next annoying thing from people going on an IM and putting busy straight away then going 30 minutes later i mean WTF. Avoid doing this unless you truely have a life or you want to play hard to get.
Dude that has a life - BRB guys dnt stat yet i got to feed the cat/baby/self
*'Dude that has a life' set his status to afk*

*Egotistic has signed in*
Decent person - Hey dude/babe hows it going
*Egotistic has set her/his status to away*
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER October 05, 2006
Away From Kitchen. A time when your wife is not found in her natural habitat, and you must thus make your own sandwiches.
My wife is AFK, so I am starving like the kids in Ethiopia.
by xXdarksliderXx January 11, 2006
A.F.K. = Ass Fuck Klan
A.F.K.'s gonna fuck you in the ass!
by Leroy Jenkems November 29, 2007
not being unafk, also knows as brb
Being afk is the opposite of being unafk!
by embersaglow February 16, 2008
afk really means "after krajewski".
I know what AFK stands for .......... after. krajewski.
by poopnigggger October 15, 2007
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