Away From Keyboard

has several meanings. Most often it refers to a person that takes a break from online gambling or chatting (long or short). It could also mean that a person isn't logged in at a particular place (he/she could then be refered to as AFK eventough it's possible he/she is just playing somewhere else - similiar to offline). It is has also start to replace IRL (since technically everything is In Real Life).
X gets a phonecall and therefor write AFK in the chat.

Y wrote: Where is Z?
W wrote: He´s AFK

Did you see her AFK?
by Deckaren February 22, 2009
"Away From Keyboard". Commonly used on MSN/AIM or while roleplaying. Instead of setting status on MSN to "Away" they put "AFK" in their name. Also used when leaving your computer on over night.

"Kay. I'll be AFK for a while."

"Alright, talk to you later dude."
by Claire.xx February 01, 2009
Meaning "Away from keyboard"; in other words- I'm not at the damn computer at the moment, stop talking to me!
"It's time for dinner, I'm going afk for a while."
"Kay, ttyl."
by Parisa Baripour February 26, 2008
Slang for the acronym "Away From Keyboard." Used when a person will leave the computer and not do anything. Often happens in online games when a player is completely stationary and does not respond to greetings.
Bob - "John, are you there? John? JOHN."
James - "Don't bother, he's AFK."
by Hipstacat May 16, 2013
Away from keyboard. Used in online games and chat rooms.
Jill: Hey Joe
Jill: Joe, are you there?
Jack: I think Joe is away right now.
(5 minutes later)
Joe: Oh sorry Jill I was AFK.
by internetBS June 08, 2013
It means " Away from keyboard ", and is usually used in online games, like Minecraft.
A: I'm gonna be afk for awhile, ok guys
B: ok
C:* secretly kills A while afk *
by gabehuffman October 01, 2014
A term used by adolescent gamers to let their friends know that they will be unreachable for a bit. Most the time "afk" is used as a discreet way to say, "I will be right back, I am going to go masterbate for a bit." Creating the new popular meaning of AFK, "Another Fap Kill".
I will be afk for about 5 min.
by † Noobles † June 20, 2014
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