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another word for bud or pal but this what hockey players to use to call their bauds.
come baud dont bang that broad.
#bud #pal #buddy #bro #brosef
by doctor spivak June 12, 2011
bits per second; rate of information transfer, hence 'baud-rate'; see Information theory; also kilo-baud (kb)- thousands of baud, mega-baud (Mb) - millions of baud.
A 56 kb modem can send data at 56,000 bits per second down the wire.
by mistweb October 13, 2003
Short for Girbaud jeans
In the song "Wipe Me Down" - fresh kicks, fresh white tall tee's ,fresh NFL hat, fresh bauds wit a crease
#jeans #clothes #pants #style #girbaud
by Darrell Pool March 26, 2008
A positive adjective to describe someone or thing. However it can be used to disregard something and so its used sarcastically
"That chick is so baud"
"this ice cream is baud"

or :

"that chick has a baud forhead dude!"
"you're small willy is baud mate"
#hot #sick #sweet #baben #dickcheese
by baud gee January 20, 2014
pronounced (bowed) being very ugly and uncool
She is so baud
#ugly #uncool #cool #pretty #popular #fugly
by erndafern July 23, 2011
straight trippin'
oooh......he was baud
you should of seen that
by jerk October 05, 2003
a very very very very very very very low class slut
got dammit that dirty baud Ingred fingered herself again yesterday
by Sex Monster 8000 March 16, 2005
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