A F**King Kid. Used in most online games and forums.
"I am afk"
"He is afk"
by NS Sniper April 28, 2008
Used over the internet in E-mails, games, MSN messenger/Aim and the like!!!
It means "away from keyboard" and someone types it 2 tell people that they'll be away 4 a while- it is rarely used by other people saying that someone other than them is away- like as in "bob dinkleberry is AFK."
"Yo dudes, Ill be AFK 4 a while."
by Sabian June 01, 2004
AFK stands for "Amazingly Fat Kid."
Many people are told that it stands for Away From Keyboard
but they are quite incorrect.
Kevin is AFK #27! (meaning "Kevin is Amazingly Fat Kid Number 27!")
by TORITHEBABYEATER August 23, 2006
A Free Kill

usually in player vs player games
"Dude hes not moving"
"omg lol my afk!"
by Sangjun November 16, 2005
abbr. African Fighting King.
Noun: A well-known african warrior monarch, usually between the 4th and 19th centuries.
Damn, that King Shaka is one f***ing AFK.
by fb41 June 30, 2005
Pasha (see also 'shirker')
Where's Pasha? Damn, he's AFK again!
by anonymous February 16, 2005
1. A fuckin kook. when someone is so stupid that they don't move while playing a FPS. or, they might just be #2.

2. Away from keyboard. self explanitory.
1. 'he isn't moving, what an AFK'

2. 'he isn't moving, i guess hes AFK'
by DespairChild July 06, 2004
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