A term used by adolescent gamers to let their friends know that they will be unreachable for a bit. Most the time "afk" is used as a discreet way to say, "I will be right back, I am going to go masterbate for a bit." Creating the new popular meaning of AFK, "Another Fap Kill".
I will be afk for about 5 min.
by † Noobles † June 20, 2014
Means "Away From Keyboard"
Joe: AFK
Ashley: kk
by d4f4wa October 03, 2009
AFK normally stands for ''away from keyboard'', a term used by for example online gamers. For women, however, it mostly means ''away from kitchen''.
''Stop AFKing and make me a sandwich!''
by trololawl March 13, 2014
As mentioned 27 times above afk refers to "away from keyboard". But seeing I first encountered this term in the german version of an online game designed by a company interested in weather turbulences, I took it to be a shortening of "auf klo" meaning "in sitting position, currently getting rid of the pizza I had for lunch". In 49% of all cases, this is an accurate rendering of the term when used in online communication situations. This word is not only used in written language but also in spoken. Anyway, in German the term has undegone significant extensions, resulting in:

with suffix
- afklo, also afkaken (as explained above)
- afkleenex (getting a tissue, winter phenomenon)
- afkaffee ( 49%, equal score to afklo, possible connection still to be researched.)

with prefix
- brain-afk ( used in in-game situations, work out meaning for yourselves. Being in a different category, this meaning is not included in the statistics above but would score significantly higher than either of the other two major forms.)
How could possibly not see this huge patch of nasty, green substance/ lethal dark purple verging on black substance/ flaming inferno on the ground, you brain-afk moron. (inadequate German translation and more polite than usual)

- bin mal afk
- re
- wb
- thx
by TheMightyPling! January 09, 2012
away from keyboard - use it wen we're just getting something, usually a drink or snack and coming straight back. Or it could mean your leaving your computer on and not at the keyboard
afk a sec, afk, insted of gtg or brb - afk is a alternative a short term version
by j3n August 22, 2006
Geek's suicide

Away from Keyboard for non geek
Guy 1: Joe is AFK
Guy 2: Let him rest in peace
by Tasukii November 25, 2005
Away From KeyboardS
we have a few afks! Its so annoying!
by dotcow August 19, 2011

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