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Abbreviation for "Away From Keyboard" This, as well as other abbreviations were developed to speed up communication using 300 baud modems in the early to late 80's.
"I am AFK" (Is is sometimes accompanied by other acronymns such as BBL and BRB
by TheHose February 02, 2005
A sticky, honey colored goo extracted from marijuana. Hash oil is extremely high in THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. Two drops should get you about as high as a joint of home grown
I'm getting a fat can of butane and making some hash oil tonight.
by TheHose February 03, 2005
Being Under the influence of Cocaine Hydrochloride. See Jacked Up
I got ahold of a ball and was coked up till 9am at my boy's house.
by TheHose February 02, 2005
Derogartory term used to describe a person from the middle east. See Camel Jockey
Saddam is a camel riding sandal pimp.
by TheHose February 02, 2005
(verb) To go into a trance
Usually used by people under the influence of a psychedelic drug.
I got tranced out when Koley gave me that Light Show
by TheHose February 03, 2005
To be of low quality.
To be of a quality or purity used or consumed by a ghetto individual.
Your ghetto grade ride can't touch mine.
by TheHose February 02, 2005

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