1) Being very good at something.
2) Making a point in tennis just from the serve.
3) First cousin to the Prince.
1) Zidane is an Ace at Soccer.
2) Hey, i just rolled up Ace.
by bastiankf May 14, 2006
A tennis serve that is untouched by the returner, usually due to high speeds or extreme spins.
Despite Johansson's 51 aces, Agassi still won the match.
by brm August 15, 2005
a term for a small ammount of a ciggarette, usually no more then a few/couple of lines before the letters. sometimes can be skimpy and named "jailhouse ace".
person one: hey, can I get a bit of your ciggarette?
person two: how about a ace?
person one: sure, thanks.
by gary March 12, 2005
to sleep with five different members of a particular group, usually a fraternity or sorority.
That girl over there's a double ace plus 4 with (insert group name here)! She's almost a triple ace!

Joe's trying to ace the tri-sigs before graduation.
by PhikI February 28, 2010
When some thing is cool,awesome,Badass,Etc.
Abe:Dude stop what ever your doing and get over here and check out my myspace layout.
Matt: Sure what ever.
Abe: Okay check it it out.
Matt: Wow thats pretty Ace.
by Maldus34 March 20, 2009
a term used in some places when asking for the last bit of someone's cigarette. Usualy, when you give someone an ace, its when there's about a half an inch left from the paper, to the start of the filter
"let me get an ace of that cigarette?"
by bhuvgd September 09, 2008
Cool, new-wave, savage
"Wind surfing is Ace!"
"Not as Ace as Bass Jumping...."
by McBiscuit March 01, 2008

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