To give a person the very last of a cigarette. Less then a bust down.
"Can you ace me?"
Bum1:"Bust me down man."
Bum2:"Nah, I will ace you."
by No1_Hater March 18, 2008
A tennis serve that is untouched by the returner, usually due to high speeds or extreme spins.
Despite Johansson's 51 aces, Agassi still won the match.
by brm August 15, 2005
1. When you take a dump with no poo residue left behind on your ass; wiping is not required.
2. A flawless crap where the poo has exited without smudging on your ass; absolutely no mess at all.
1. After i had a deuce I went to whipe my ass but when i looked at the tp after whipping there was no shit on it, I had an ace!
2. Jimmy is on fire this week, his shit streak has been unmatched with a total of 7 consecutive aces.
3. I'm so glad I had a fawking ace, I had no time for maintenance on my durf because I was in a hurry.
by Moonshine March 20, 2005
Cards: the main card of a given game, can symbolize a low ace (1) or a high ace (above king), or can be considered anything (aces wild).
read em and weep. 4 aces
by [c0x0r] February 27, 2005
To get rid of.
Man, ace that hat, it looks stupid on you.
by Rich November 27, 2003
When some thing is cool,awesome,Badass,Etc.
Abe:Dude stop what ever your doing and get over here and check out my myspace layout.
Matt: Sure what ever.
Abe: Okay check it it out.
Matt: Wow thats pretty Ace.
by Maldus34 March 20, 2009
Cool, new-wave, savage
"Wind surfing is Ace!"
"Not as Ace as Bass Jumping...."
by McBiscuit March 01, 2008

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