Main hoe , Ace , my ace , down bitch ,
Man that's not my girl but she's my ace
by Big Addy May 19, 2016
Cool ;Cooler than sick; spot on; rad; awesome.
Like damn that girl is ace

that's so fucking ace man

This club is hella ace
by Divadivadiva December 31, 2013
A description of a reliable and close compadre.
'My neighbour is so ace - he always knows what I need.'
by RedGirl June 12, 2013
An Ace is a stuck up sort of guy, with the qualities of being an overwhelming douche bag, and does not know how to act like a real man. He is more of a whimp inside at heart, even though he tends to pretend on the outside that he is some powerful being. But this power only resides in online games, and never in his real life. He also has trouble getting girls, staying with them, and has a problem letting go even though they're really not the right one. No girl ever wants to be stuck with an Ace. He will not only treat you horridly, but will fuck you up after your relationship is over, in bitter angst.
Person 1:Wow you're mentally fucked over. Did you date an Ace?
Person 2: Yeah.. I did.. That douche..
Person 1: What a dick.
by Truetoyourself July 18, 2012
Awesome. Cool. Amazing. Basically anything that is really fricking sweet.
That car was wicked ace!
by duk28 June 20, 2011
the word ace means
a- awsome
c- cool
e- epic
that movie was ace!
by mr.woo October 22, 2008
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