1) Being very good at something.
2) Making a point in tennis just from the serve.
3) First cousin to the Prince.
1) Zidane is an Ace at Soccer.
2) Hey, i just rolled up Ace.
by bastiankf May 14, 2006
a term for a small ammount of a ciggarette, usually no more then a few/couple of lines before the letters. sometimes can be skimpy and named "jailhouse ace".
person one: hey, can I get a bit of your ciggarette?
person two: how about a ace?
person one: sure, thanks.
by gary March 12, 2005
Asian Chink Empire. A social group for Asian Chinese. ACE members usually wear green.
chink: "I'm wearing green cuz i'ma part of ACE"
by Wu-z October 04, 2008
When you give the second half of your cigarette to another person.

Like a bust or bust down
"Hey dude, wanna ace me on that cig?"
by Kimberly_lucky7 March 07, 2008
Cool, new-wave, savage
"Wind surfing is Ace!"
"Not as Ace as Bass Jumping...."
by McBiscuit March 01, 2008
when something is great,off the hook,etc.
Man that girl was looking "ace"
by Jon Sparrow April 28, 2006
south african slang for alone or solitary.
i had to go cruising for chicks on my ace
by master ace October 10, 2005

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