Cool, new-wave, savage
"Wind surfing is Ace!"
"Not as Ace as Bass Jumping...."
by McBiscuit March 01, 2008
when something is great,off the hook,etc.
Man that girl was looking "ace"
by Jon Sparrow April 28, 2006
south african slang for alone or solitary.
i had to go cruising for chicks on my ace
by master ace October 10, 2005
One quater of a ciggerate. Half a Bust Down
Yo, lemmie get that ace son!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Contraction of Ass Face. Covert way of calling someone ugly without it sounding like an insult.
"Check out that ace over there. Looks like his neck threw up"
by Wordsworth Bottomtooth III March 13, 2010
extremly cool. Stuck up.
adam thought he was hell ace, cause of his new hair cut. Obv others thought different.
by randomm299 July 12, 2008
To roll 1-2-3 in a game of cee-lo, usually resulting in an automatic loss
This is my last dollar son, I better not ace!
by Fawnzarelli August 14, 2007

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