One quater of a ciggerate. Half a Bust Down
Yo, lemmie get that ace son!
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Ace is a cover word for the curse word Ass. If you have a stupid parent that is big into NOT swearing and you are talking with your friends you come up with cover words.
Oh my god my math teacher is such an Ace.
by SunflowerStomper November 17, 2010
to sleep with five different members of a particular group, usually a fraternity or sorority.
That girl over there's a double ace plus 4 with (insert group name here)! She's almost a triple ace!

Joe's trying to ace the tri-sigs before graduation.
by PhikI February 28, 2010
A hairstyle

1. Usually describes a hairstyle with a very high fringe.

2.Can also be used to refer to someone with an Ace hairstyle

Originated from the Jim Carrey film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
"Jesus, look at the size of the ace on yer man."

"Hello Timmy, your ginger Ace is looking quite well today."

"Well, Ace! What's the craic?"
by Martin Storey April 24, 2009
Contrary to popular use, ace could also be a slang term for one's "ass" or "buttocks".

Also can be used in the place of "buttsecks" in order to not offend people.
Oww, somebody hit me in the ace.

Let's have acesecks!
by Pocketful of Sunshine October 06, 2008
extremly cool. Stuck up.
adam thought he was hell ace, cause of his new hair cut. Obv others thought different.
by randomm299 July 12, 2008
To roll 1-2-3 in a game of cee-lo, usually resulting in an automatic loss
This is my last dollar son, I better not ace!
by Fawnzarelli August 14, 2007

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