Abercrombie is a really preppy store. Some people like it, some don't. There is absolutely nothing wrong with people who shop there. I don't see why anyone should make fun of it. Preps don't make fun of goths. Why should goths make fun of preps? People who can't stand abercrombie are morons who have no lives.
I love Abercrobie! Its so preppy!
by fed up abercrombie shopper August 18, 2005
A clothing store, often worn buy high school and college kids. Know for there bad history of racial profiling and sex addiction, they hve arisen to become a staple in America's new fashion era for people of all races. Despite popular belief, Abercrombie is not all that expensive for some things ($25 tee, $50 polo) but some kind of stretch the tag ($100 hoodie and $70 jeans) although the price is synonomous with the quality.
Let's go to Abercrombie and Fitch!

by Hoolian January 13, 2006
I don't get why everyone is bitching, American Eagle, Hot Topic, Pac Sun in the end it's basically the same thing except a different style of clothing. The clothes are somewhat overpriced but their comfortable and are what's "in" now.
Abercrombie wearer: Ew look at those emos

Hot topic wearer: Ew look at those preps

Me: your both getting played, the stores are basically the same concept just one is more mainstream clothing while one trys to be unique and different.
by Jersey Kid March 21, 2008
Its a store in a mall. If you like their clothes great. If you dont then dont buy them. Sure some people dont like destroyed jeans, but hey maybe they dont like the way you dress. It's not preppy its just clothes for those who like them. Next time you call something preppy you might wanna learn what "preppy" really means, or what a "prep" really is. And to make fun of them just because theyre expensive is just gay itself. Its not the clothes that make the man.
Hey wanna go to abercrombie?
No man i dont like their clothes that much.
Oh thats cool
by hilton baseball player 92 March 11, 2006
1. However generally stereotyped by those who hate the people wearing it, the store is not there for the soul purpose to rip you off or label you, but to offer a different style of clothing. 2. It's not the store with the preppy attitudes, honies, it's the person wearing it. With or without the brand, I'm sure that person would have the same shitty personality. Heck, if the store were never around and people decided to like the look of clothes in GAP, then you would have to go and put THAT store down. Get a grip! Stop hatin the store...hate the one representin'. 3. Of course, the store may have workers with snooty attitudes, but god forbid that you wear it cause you like it and maybe change a few minds about it. Putting a shirt on with a logo won't make you a different person...people just wear what they like and or what they feel comfortable in. God...I like the store for the clothes...i think they're stylish and just my taste, but i also don't like some people that i've seen wearing those clothes. That doesn't mean i'm gonna riot about it and throw a tantrum, i'm just not going to associate with those people. Abercrombie haters need to grow up, step back and realize who's being the bigger person in the situation...the one being a bitch wearing the Abercrombie shirt or the one who can't stop making a big deal about it!!!
A&F girl: Hi. my name's Lisa and I'm new here. I don't have any friends, but you seem nice. Would you mind showing me around?

Hater: Hell no! Take that shirt off and then we'll talk.

A&F girl: I didn't think my shirt would i offend you. i saw it in the window while i was shopping and thought it was cute.

Hater: so's my ass...want it?

A&F girl: sorry

Hater: screw you, bitch
by Cami March 21, 2005
A brand you can wear if you want to look like a walking billboard. Seriously. Every single thing sold in that store either says "abercrombie" on it, or has a moose.

I would understand why a person would have a few things from Abercrombie, but what I don't get is people who wear only abercrombie all the time. Every piece of clothing is really just a slight variation of the same basic design. So, for example, if you bought 5 different skirts from Abercrombie, you really just bought the same designed skirt 5 times.

Some of these people who wear only abercrombie somehow think that we non-abercrombie wearers are jealous because we can't afford it. I, in fact, can afford it, because I have a job. I simply choose not to go there, as I enjoy my individuality.
Abercrombie girl: Let’s go to Abercrombie!

Me: Eww…no.

Abercrombie girl: Pshh…you’re just jealous ‘cause you can’t afford it

Me: No, I just don’t like the store.

Abercrombie girl: EVERYONE likes Abercrombie. It’s like wired into the human brain!

Me: 0__o
by Purple Zebra June 02, 2007
Unlike all of you people out there I think Abercrombie is awesome! Tak about conforming look at allof you hating A&F because it is the emo thing to do! Well get a life and stop judging people based upon what they wear! Because you are just being as hypocritical as you say people who wear abercrombie are!
Michael: You are a stuck up bitch because you were abercrombie!
Allie: You are an idiot because you are a poser!
by abercrombiegurl March 03, 2005
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