Clothes that make one feel like hot shit
James is wearing Abercrombie he must feel like hot shit.
What a douche.
by Adam Horst February 11, 2008
A store that charges roughly the income of a small third world country for a garment made for 13 cents in a sweatshop in Guatemala.

Bought mostly for a large and always prominent moose that makes the wearer feel extra special. Also, tee shirts usually include witticisms that sound eerily pretentious and slutty or just the words ABERCROMBIE where everyone can see them. Sometimes "New York" is written on the said shirts, even though Abercrombie's headquarters are somewhere in Ohio.
Buying jeans at Abercrombie overcompensates for my lack of friends an individuality. My confidence comes from these dirty looks that must be "envious stares" of my overpriced shirt that's already falling apart and tacky pre-ripped jeans that make me look homeless. Pity me.
by Megerz January 12, 2008
A store that needs to start offering gas masks and ear plugs as soon as you walk in the door.
employee- welcome to abercrombie , here's your gas mask and ear plugs!
costumer- thank god!
by xSamxYeahx December 17, 2010
a store most suburban bred girls go to buy their wardrobe. specializes in wayyy overpriced, tiny, tightfitting clothes that sport sexual sayings. They sell a lot of ripped jeans and vintage worn out tees that cost about $30. If u really want a truly vinatge tee or old jeans go to some thrift sore where you can get some for about $5-$10. Most people who wear abercrombie try to be cool, but in reality those people are insecure bitches that think they are really hot.
Bitch: hey like lets stop in abercrombie where I can get an ultra-coolio vintage tee on sale for $30!!!

Regular person: no thanks- you can go but I'm gonna stop at haagen-daas.
by huggaboo May 26, 2005
This is a clothing store that provides cool clothes, but people think its way too expensive. Too bad your guys heads are stuck up too far in your ass's to see that other stores just might be more expensive!
cool kid: Hey! Look at the cool jeans that I got from Abercrombie! They were only $20!

Roomate: Wait, I paid $50 for a pair of pants from Hot Topic! What a rip-off!
by Honest February 26, 2005
A store that in their pictures, their models dont even wear the clothes that their trying to sell.

Very expensive.

Made fun of for being "Preppy"
"In Abercrombie, a shirt pants and belt costs like $150.00"

"Did you see That girl she was wearing abercrombie from head to toe, shes so preppy!"
by DawnyG June 12, 2008
A former sporting goods clothes store gone horribly wrong .
most who shop there are well off city brats or suburban
tools that will never step foot in the great outdoors .
they are usually spotted spending mommy and daddys hardley
earned money .

o and just to answer the comment " you just dont like them cause u cant afford to shop there "
Trust me i can at a base salary of 103,000 i can i just have more respect for my self

dont do examples of abercrombie
by YOU WOULD NOT LIKE ME March 24, 2008

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