A store that is clearly a target for criticism and conformistnonconformist remarks. Its clothing is expensive but is of good quality, and the clothing at abercrombie is not identical to like brands. For example, the marjority of abercrombie's clothes are muscle fit, meaning someone muscular or someone tall and skinny like myself can get an XL shirt that is not excessively wide like its counterpart at American Eagle. Though the clothing style may be preppy you do not need to be a prep to wear it, just as you do not need to be a goth/punk to wear hot topic -they're just clothes you wrap around your naked body. As for the remarks that kids shopping here spend their parent's money, yes you're right KIDS generally do not buy their own clothing, ADULTS do.

To each his/her own, wear the clothing style and brands that best suit you and leave the rest alone.
Hey, look! It's a store called abercrombie which just so happens to be a store. It isn't more or less respectable than any other store!
by sljdasdkskdjksjklkaskds December 22, 2005
A clothing store that it is super en vogue to make fun of. The best way to feign non-conformity is to say you hate abercrombie, but still go in the store to see what's cool, and then make fun of the clothes and the people that work there. You make fun of the ripped jeans, but in the end you sneak in to buy some, because you secretly like them. It's so trendy to hate abercrombie that it is breeding a new kind of "alternative conformity".
All of the tools who made fun of Abercrombie on this website should be congratulated on being trendy enough to jump on the anti-abercrombie band wagon.
by Caitlin January 15, 2005
A clothing store that can be found at almost any reputable mall in the country. Although the clothing can be slightly pricey compared to the Jeff Foxworthy line at Wal Mart, the majority of what they carry is aesthetically pleasing, generally comfortable, and the dyes won't run and the fabrics won't tear as easily as less expensive clothing.

Abercrombie is loved by some for its trendy, flattering styles, but is often criticized for its preppy appeal and high prices, usually by outcast teenagers with nothing better to do, often the same teenagers who are quite willing to pay $40 for a pair of Chuck Taylors that once cost only $12 and because of whom Dickies has become another sub-culture-conformist product manufacturer rather than the respectable producer of quality work clothes that we used to know and love.

Although the controversy rages on, the fact is that true individuals don't like or dislike clothing because of what people think, rather, they like or dislike clothing because they like or dislike the clothing. Ironically, the stores which were once labeled as preppy have become the least conformist places to shop.
She may look like a prep in that white pleated skirt from Abercrombie, but regardless of how I might choose to stereotype her, she looks hot.
It's just a fucking clothes store.
People who come on to Urbandictionary to bitch about Abercrombie seriously need to get a life. I don't shop there myself, but I wouldn't bitch about it. If you don't like it, just go somewhere else.
by david smith, jr. March 21, 2008
This is NOT a rant about Abercrombie, so if you came to laugh at my immature commentary on ripped jeans, you came to the wrong place. However, I do have to admit I am dissapointed. Abercrombie used to be all about comfort and feminine casuality. It's been altered into it's own stereotype, and now I can't wear it without being called a prep.

Everyone who's ruined my "feminine-cute-semibohemian" image by calling me a prep, thanks a whole freakin' lot. But you're WRONG.

The reason I shop there is because some of their stuff is actually pretty cute, and believe it or not, sometimes UNDER 40 bucks. Hot Topic is not really that much more expensive considering one pair of black pants is 60.99 there and a t-shirt 29.99 depending on the size and design.

My point is that I love their jeans, and they are the only ones that fit my strangely long, thin, and odd shaped legs.
Person 1: Her sweatshirt says Abercrombie....what a freakin' prep.

Person 2: Stop being a bitch. Let her label herself. I am sure she likes the outfit for the outfit, not for the image it gives her.

by Not Preppy January 12, 2006
A trendy clothing store with fashionable clothes. Many don't realise how high quality the clothes really are, even if they have holes. Pricy, yet worth the money.
Girl 1: Ooh, look at this sweater from abercrombie!
Girl 2: I like it, maybe I'll get it in another color.
by Moosy/Jessica July 28, 2005
Word defining apparent bleeding edge of USA class divide.
Young American person: Your attitude to Abercrombie like defines where you sit in the American caste sytem.

Young rest-of-the-world person: What is Abercrombie?
by well there it is June 20, 2007

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