The GAP of the 2000s. Niche-marketed apparel store that appeals to teens/young 20s buyers through a well-executed marketing campaign that is more about lifestyle than the apparel. The clothes themselves are of decent quality. The style isn't for everyone. Many people, not just emo teens, dislike the line for its reliance on obvious logos and the faux-vintage aesthetic. Prices are similar to more established lines such as Lauren Ralph Lauren or Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor Loft for women, Polo, and Calvin Klein, DKNY, etc. Abercrombie differentiates itself by going for the youth demographic. Although attractive for casual wear, if the wearer ascribes to the brand aesthetic, the clothes really don't work in professional settings so most buyers leave them behind in favor of the "Grown-up" brands by their mid-20s. As with any designer label, dressing head to toe in the same brand speaks of a trendwhore mindset.
"I don't pass over guys just for wearing Abercrombie. It just makes it easier to sort out the ones who haven't grown up -- they have a moose on every shirt."

"Can a girl in AT skirts and kitten heels find happiness with an Abercrombie boy? Probably not unless he's willing to move beyond his college days."

"I can't date an Abercrombie boy. I refuse to date a guy whose jeans cost more than mine."
by prepstergirl April 23, 2006
abercrombie is a store where teens can buy the latest trends. apparently, if everyone hates abercrombie so much, then people who shop there have a sense of style and individuality. oh, and fyi: maybe girls already have boobs, duh. what kind of idiots are you? i shop there, and i've never been called a slut in my life. i'm just saying.
hey, i love your outfit, where did you get it? ABERCROMBIE
by marmar October 07, 2005
a preppy store that degrates women with shirts that say "who needs brains when you've got these!" written over the chest. they also sell thongs to small children in order for them to become teenage sluts as early in their lives as humanly possible. Porno is also used to lure it's customers to buy their catalogs. Congrats on ruining america's youth!
10 year old girl: Omg, so at school i totally bent over right in front of Chad so he could see my new thongs from Abercrombie and he totally purposely rubbed against my butt when he walked past!!!
Other 10 year old girl: Omg no way! I totally wish i could fit in their thongs! To bad they only go out to size M.
by Reedah August 29, 2006
Overpriced, yet stylish clothing that is seen on preppy, rich kids but mostly poor kids who save up money to shop there and have but four things from there.
Get. A. Life.
Lizzy: I saved up all my birthday money, and I'm about to head up to Abercrombie and buy a shirt.

Hilary: How much money did you get?

Lizzy: Almost 130 dollars!
by Ivana Yamama February 07, 2009
The mother hen of middle class youth clothing, a store which every other tries to copy and the only store where dressing more preppy than your dad is seen as acceptable. And why does it survive because when people look at your pink abercrombie polo you have the satisfaction of knowing it cost $30 more than their American Eagle one and that feels good
1.That tee is so camp and over priced!
2.But it's abercrombie..
1.Oh, O.K cool, do they have it in green?
by Adamcrombie March 06, 2005
a store. jist like every other fucking store on the planet. who gives a shit wut everyone says if u like it shop there. it jist so happens that a lot of people that shop there have huge ass heads and are very bitchy thats all. but thats not everyone dam people have got to chill and stop hatin.
dude: i went and bought some clothes today at abercrombie
other dude: cool
by joe123456789 April 07, 2006
a clothing store. how simple is that? it's a bit pricy, but the stuff is good quailitly. there's no need to diss it because it's just clothes. everyone says a jacket it 400 dollars. cough cough. the most is about 200 and that when it's a parka with faux fur. if you wear it, great, be happy. if you don't, don't diss it. it's not your problem. people wearing gap don't get dissed, so why should people wearing abercrombie get dissed? of course, there are people who wear abercrombie just because it says it. then there are people who wear for the style, like me:)
scene 1:
Girl 1- i hate this shirt!!! i'm getting it anyway.
Girl 2- why??? that's so...not logical
Girl 1- because it says abercrombie!!

scene 2:
Girl 1- that's an awesome shirt. where did you get it?
Girl 2- abercrombie.
Girl 1- cool, but green isn't my color, maybe i'll get it in blue.
by Night Hawk January 31, 2007

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