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Shit bag, dipshit, piece of crap
You're such a Zonis asshole
by Brian April 11, 2005
A person from Arizona. Often used in California during the summer when loads of Arizonans come over to fill up the beaches and shuffle around Disneyland.
I tried to go to the beach today but it was totally filled with zonis and their stuff.


People in Arizona really hate Snowbirds but then they go do the same thing by flocking to California in the summer.
by CactusWren February 09, 2012
1. A young woman in the employ of Goddess Inc.

2. The act of disappearing quickly and leaving no trace.
"Zoni is a sadly anime obsessed geek."

"You pulled a Zoni!"
by Namae December 07, 2003
A person from Arizona who has nothing to do so they sit at their desks and get 5.0 grade point averages. While some never see water, others fuck their step-brothers. Nobody likes them.
Hey I talked to Aubrey and Piper today.

Dude, they are such zonis
by thatguyneilmcqueen January 16, 2010
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