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Not actually the price of eggs or anything related to it. Just a sarcastic phrase used in a conversation when one tends to gloat off the subject.
P1: Yeah, ever since he bought those patches and pins he thinks he's punk now

Some Random P: Yeah Blink 182 and Good Charlotte are gay

P1: What does that have to do with the price of eggs?
by somerandomguy January 19, 2004

Also called Twelve Kingdoms

It is coparable to Fushigi Yuugi, with the following major exceptions:

1: Its good
2: There is no romance in it
3: There is a lot more action
by SomeRandomGuy July 12, 2003
1) Originaly an addon to the hacked MS XboxDashboard known as "tHc". Now after a despute between team members, its own project. Known to be the end of "tHc".

2) JbOnEr's most feared creature.

3) Also known as BSX
<SomeRandomGuy> Damn.. BlackstormX makes tHc look like shit.
<JbOnEr> blah it b copy und paste!!!!11one
* Bot sets mode +b jboner!*@*
* JbOnEr has been kicked by Bot (Encrypt this asshole.)
by SomeRandomGuy October 07, 2004
wussy, ass kisser, effiminate weirdo

reggae slang
"woman no want, no want no bati man"
by SomeRandomGuy April 23, 2005
One who excels at video and computer games.
Zonis. Ownz. You.
by SomeRandomGuy June 05, 2003
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