To take an item from someone that may or may not belong to you.
I yoinked the doughnut from the cop.
by J money March 07, 2004
to jack shit
imma yoink that shit!!!
by Anonymous February 10, 2003
a sound you can make whenever you damn well please
The girl exclaimed "yoink" as she ran out of the room.
by pharm girl March 03, 2004
when pulling something unexpected out of somwhere unusual.
picture the scene: Amsterdam, a seedy strip club. I'm pulled onto the stage and the dancer begins to take her clothes off. When she's naked she lays me down and begins to gyrate over my body. She finishes and I stand up to find the word's "I'm so sexy" written in indelible ink on my torso. As the lithe young blonde pulls the pen out of her vagina she puts her arms around me. She pulls my half nake body onto hers and whispers in my ear "yoink"
by Benster May 16, 2003
An all purpose word. Originally used to describe the act of taking an object I

Now used to refer to any sudden action such as flopping onto a futon, "I'm so tired, yoink!"

Can also be used as an exclamation for general disgust "Well, YOINK!"
"love that pen Yoink!"
by ryan muller February 03, 2004
when you pull lil ms piggy's tail straight out and watch it curl back up again.
The evil penguin kept yoinking ms. piggy with agressiveness.
by ms piggy March 02, 2004
A creature with a long neck (Giraffe, Brontosaurus, Ostrich?) who makes shitty flash on Newgrounds. Known to have sexual relations with Josh Bedn
Hi, I'm YoinK!
by L November 06, 2003

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