1. to steal an object from another
see also liberation, gank, and steal
2. a sound made when taking another's possession as your own
I yoinked a soda from the gas station because the attendant was such an asshole.
by whoredon January 11, 2004
A word used to state that you are taking something that isn't yours.
(Said whilst nicking part of someones lunch) "Yoink!"
by Lil Laura May 10, 2006
Derived from the animated tv show, The Simpsons, this word, also associated with D'oh!, is the noise made when stealing something in blatant view
Lindsay :*turns away, leaving chips unattended*
Alex: YOINK!
Lindsay: Hey, why'd you take my chips!?
by Ezzy September 02, 2005
To violently or non violently take an object from another, regardless of the love or respect the yoinkee has for the beyoinked object.
"Yoink!" I exclaimed wickedly as I sharply stole Martha's hat.
by shellybasser April 08, 2003
To steal, or grab something that does not belong to you. Made famous by the Simpsons
Excuse me?


*when person is not looking*


Aww damn! My phone is gone!
by DizzyLizzy November 15, 2006
an exclamation to be used when stealing something belonging to someone else. use of the word yoink precludes any negative reaction by the victim.
"Nice nick. Yoink!"
by Rickster June 10, 2004
To lightly tap or poke with your finger someone for fun while adding the sound effect. It can be used with objects too.
Person 1: "Hey, can you hand me that broom, right there?"
Person 2: "Yoink! I just yoinked you with a broom handle!"
Person 1: "I am soo going to get you back someday."
by nomejoy June 17, 2009
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