To relieve a dear friend of something they no longer need.
"Thanks for the wallet, mate. Yoink"
by Benster May 16, 2003
Onomatopoeia: Word used for objects removed faster than the eye could possibly see, which perchance is 24-30 frames per second, depending on whether you are in Europe or in the United States.
"Yoink! I have ganked your french fries!", exclaimed Bill.
"Damnation! They are now yours, regardless of my feelings!", declaimed Fred.
by tonehog December 08, 2005
To take rapidly.
Mark McGwire has used the word "yoink" on several occasions.
by Irish Lucas February 25, 2003
YoinK is a long neck giraffe on Newgrounds
OMG, I want to lick your neck YoinK
by j00r mom October 09, 2003
Absolute ownership is completely transferred when the yoink is used in time while clicking ones heels in the air!
by peekaboo sioux March 31, 2003
often used when jacking somones shit right in front of there faces
CJ: man, that's a nice car there. YOINK!
Freddy: hey you motherfucker! give me back my damn turismo!

-some shit i thought up after plaing san andreas for hlaf a day.
by r s w September 02, 2006
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