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3 definitions by Badtoodles

Word used in Daffy Duck's rendition of Robin Hood.
When Daffy is about to swing from a vine, he says, "Yoinks, and away!" Subsequently, he crashes into a series of trees as he's swinging and repeating "Yoinks and away" with each crash.
by Badtoodles November 03, 2009
A flaccid penis. Characterized by its flopping around if ungirded.
He was streaking in cold weather and everyone saw his dinky weineling.
by Badtoodles May 13, 2010
noun: The man sausage. Used for boxing your mate across the cheeks in foreplay, hence the name, slapparoni.
Last night, I fed my girlfriend the ol' slapparoni.
by Badtoodles October 26, 2011