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A phrase appearing often in "The Simpsons" televison program used to verbally indicate one has taken something from another and fled.
"Hey, great science project, Lisa. Yoink!"
by kinsmed July 15, 2004
An incorrect spelling of Britney Spears.
Apparently I don't no mush 'bout nuthin.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
Though sometimes played merely for sport, often it is used as an elimination challenge to determine choice. Generally two people shake fists, and at the third 'throw' display one of the three forms. Rock is considered to crush scissors, scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock.
We had to decided who was gonna go to the store during half-time, and you lost at rock-paper-scissors. Go, man!
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
An involuntary erection generally occurring upon waking in the morning.
Man, I was havin' this really vivid dream, but then I woke up with just a piss boner, y'know what I mean, man?
by kinsmed July 02, 2004
(n.) an electronic file alteration intended to correct or update a faulty or vulnerable file, akin to a cloth 'patch'.
You gotta install the latest patch or somebody could get into your inbox, okay?
by kinsmed July 15, 2004
Middle-aged blue-collar male tending toward conservatism. An updated term to counter soccer mom. See also NASCAR Dads.
It is no surprise to note the influence of the coveted NASCAR dad vote to the successful election of King George.
by kinsmed May 03, 2005
An indelicate term used to denote the occasion or common occurence of one's eye wandering involuntarily.
see lazy eye
"Oh, Christ, I ain't dancin' with no walleyed girl, Dale."
by kinsmed July 02, 2004

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