To legally steal an item from someone, by proclaiming the word "Yoink!"
Me:(eating candy bar) mmmmm this candy bar is good.
Fred:(sneaking up behind me and taking it) Yoink!, its mine now
Me: Dammit, I hate the yoink rule
by no o your bizz December 18, 2007
Something uttered when stealing or quickly grabbing something from another person.
As he grabbed the bag of money, the theif said "yoink!" and ran off laughing.
by kerspunk June 14, 2002
to snatch away or to take. steal.
"Dude that hacker yoinked my internet access for 3 days!"

"I yoinked his red bull at the LAN party, it was hilarious."

by Edgar Allen Pwn July 10, 2008
the word used when you wish to have something go in an upward motion. either stolen or just lifted, the word shall be yoink
Person 1: That kid's pants are too low.
Person 2: I really just want to yoink them up!
by chrispy krem February 24, 2009
to quickley remolve a joint from a unaware stare gazing stoners mouth for your own benefit
while sitting there staring at the ceiling for ten minutes robbie yoinked the spliff from my mouth
by bazf1 February 20, 2009
A word coined by The Simpsons and made innumerably more famous in geek circles by the game Ultima Online.
To take something from its previous owner.

"Dang man! That mob yoinked my shit!"
"Heh, good luck ganking it naked!"
by echelon11 March 01, 2007
The noise an object makes when it is no longer there. Often the person removing said object will amplify this noise making it apear as though they just said it.
man 1: "wow that car just vanished"
by mad sid May 25, 2005

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